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Punk Rock Tatay has transferred to

Future blog entries will be on that new site. Thank you.


Ang magtataho, si Ponso, at ang sumakabilang buhay na magaling na aktor na si Jay Ilagan

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Sa aming lugar, may magtataho na kakaiba kung ilako ang kanyang tinda sa pamamagitan ng kanyang pagsigaw. Taahoooeeee!!!! Yeah! Yung tuldok na YEAH! ang malupit na senyales para magtatakbo sina Andres at Ponso palabas para bumili ng taho. May mga panahon na ginagaya ng ibang magtataho ang sigaw na may YEAH para maglabasan ang mga bata subalit alam ng mga bata nila ang pagkakaiba sa orig na magtataho na may YEAH sa huling bigkas.

Isang araw, sa minsang paglabas ni Ponso para bumili ng taho, sinabi ni Manong Magtataho Yeah na kamukha daw ni Ponso si Jay Ilagan. Sobrang nakakatawa! Out of the blue, binanggit si Jay Ilagan! Si Jay Ilagan!!! Eh sino pa ba ang makakaalala sa magaling na aktor na si Jay Ilagan eh matagal na siyang humimlay matapos ang isang aksidente sa motor.

1970s at 80s namayagpag si Jay Ilagan na nagsimula bilang child actor at gumaling na serious actor (alam ko lang nga lang ay sa pelikulang Batch 81 siya kasama na di rin ako sigurado). Mas alala ko siya sa Gag show na Goin Bananas at talagang kakatawa yun nung 1980s.

Anyhow, naisip ko rin ang milieau at panahong ginalawan ni Manong Magtataho. Imagine si JAy Ilagan ay alalang alala niya. Naka bell bottom siguro si Manong Magtataho nung kabataan niya at groovy siya at may patilya. Tapos corduroy tela ng lonta niya at Langgonisang Maong ni Joey De Leon ang sounds niya. Siguro malakas ang halagpak niya sa kakatawa kapag Goin Bananas na palabas.

Tapos nakakita kami ng picture ni Jay Ilagan sa Internet at tinabi namin sa picture ni Ponso para malaman kung may pagkakahawig nga.


Feeding the Tsunami Waves

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Babies are wont to do crazy things and get away with it by virtue of them being babies. One crazy thing is to cry their heart out to get attention, at 3:00 in the very early morning (It is not even morning morning as people normally associates the morning). The cows are still actively jumping over the moon and the witches can still take their time perfecting their magical brew potions.

 I sleep beside Paco’s territory and is the nearest to react to his immediate demands that borders from a milk bottle to attempted escapes from his pen.  While his escape attempts seem futile at the moment, Paco would resort to bawling bouts that threatens the peaceful slumber of his brothers. If my tactic of stuffing Paco’s mouth with a milk bottle fails, I would get some books and throw it inside his mosh pit so he can maximize the quiet solitude 3:00 am mornings can give to budding booklovers.

Last time I did that move, a tsunami hit the Indian Ocean separating the fish from the sea.


Affirming Nietzsche

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Ponso has a ready made prayer prayed by him everytime he is asked to do it. “Lord, please help me to be a good boy.” Every night before going to sleep, he would beckon the high heavens to grant him his utmost desire, that is, to be a good boy.

But as he continue to wreck everything that comes his way, as he covers his impish plans with his cute smile, I begin to cast doubts whether Ponso’s God can actually hear him. Nietzsche could be right all along.

Monster Rock

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Monsters are a staple in our house.  The boys fucking love monsters that they breathe monsters in their imaginations and in their stories. They invent their own monster descriptions and describe it with their bulging eyes and exaggerated actions to stress the scare factor that normally comes with, well, monsters.  Even Paco now creates gurgling monster-like sounds when happy. It must be the influence of his brothers.

 Well, I fucking love REM on the other hand and can just discuss the greatness of their music and imitate Michael Stipe’s dance step in their “Losing my Religion” music video.

 Anyway, this post is supposed to include music video that bridged the gap between the boys’ monster attachment and my REM hangover but due to some fucking technical problem, it just wont post! So the picture will have to do. Sigh.


Ponso Paint

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Ponso contemplating his next move in the exciting computer program “Paint.” Paint fuses new techniques in manipulating the mouse to release the latent creativity of bored youngsters waiting for their parents in the office.

Transformers Mania

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megan foxdemolishorThere is  Transformers 2 mania in our house as the boys continue to choose who they want in the film. Hands down, I chose Megan Fox . Andres wants Demolishor and is moving the heavens and the earth to have a toy version of the Decepticon even before christmas.  But Ponso, he shouted from out of the blue, “I am OCTOPUS Prime.”